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Miami homeowners settled down in the sunshine state because the weather is pretty great all the time. However, when tropical rainstorms and more come rolling through, some may experience damage to their home or other property. There’s nothing worse than property damage because the stress and headaches it can cause makes things way worse. Many homeowners trust their insurance company to be there in their time of need, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes you may need to call a public adjuster in Miami like our team at Cohen & Associates when your insurance provider is denying or underpaying your claim. There’s a lot that goes into a property damage claim in Miami because we could be talking about a high cost for repairs. Even what seems like minor damage could be costly to fix and if your insurance company isn’t going to write a check for the full amount, you could be paying out of pocket for repairs. Working with Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters in Miami is a smart idea for any homeowner who is worried that they aren’t getting the most out of their homeowners insurance claim. Call our team today and learn more about how our fully licensed and skilled public adjusters in Miami can help you get compensated for your damage!

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When it comes to damage, few public adjusters in Miami have seen and experienced what the team at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters has. We’ve seen damage of all sizes and from all sources so we know how best to negotiate with your insurance company regarding your situation. We don’t just hope for the best. We aggressively pursue your best interests until a settlement is reached that all parties are satisfied with. The next time you experience property damage in Miami, call the public adjusters with the experience you need to get paid! Call Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters today!



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