9 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Public Adjuster

1. How long have they been in business?

There’s nothing wrong with working with someone who is new to the business. However, it is reasonable to expect that an adjuster at minimum, has experience working with another firm, if not, do not do business with them.

2. Are they licensed in Florida?

Even if you’re in another state, this applies to you. An unlicensed public adjuster isn’t just breaking the law by practicing without a license. They can also put you at risk, as there is no guarantee that they are competent.

3. Do they work within a team?

A single public adjuster, even a very well-qualified one, has limits to their understanding. A team of adjusters can pool their knowledge and help each other out, leading to better results for their clients.

4. Do they have experience with your claims?

For any qualified public adjuster, south Florida hurricanes claims should be easy to address. But if you’re dealing with an unusual claim, like if a piece of a plane fell out of the sky and struck your living room, you’ll want to know that your public adjuster is qualified to deal with it.

5. How are they paid?

A public adjuster should only get paid when you get paid, taking a percentage of your claim. If your adjuster is asking for an up-front fee, don’t do business with them.

6. Do They Have Experience With Mortgage Lenders?

In some situations, you may owe money to a mortgage lender, and they’re most likely not going to be patient while your insurance company handles your claim. An experienced public adjuster can oftentimes serve as an intermediary to help with your mortgage lender’s demands.

7. Can your adjuster provide references?

It is important that your adjuster provides you with references, as getting the right adjuster for you is essential to getting the compensation you deserve. Most people only use an adjuster once or twice, but they will always remember the one who got them a great settlement.

8. Who will prepare my claim?

Don’t fall for the flashy advertising, most national or large adjuster firms outsource their work to third-party contractors. This means you get less experienced, freelance service which will affect the quality of your claim and the amount of money that you eventually receive. Only work with a local, highly-reviewed public adjuster to get the best results for your claim.

9. What are their errors and omissions policies?

Errors and omissions are the insurance industry’s version of malpractice insurance. It ensures that if your public adjuster makes a mistake that costs you money, they’ll be able to compensate you. If a firm you are looking at does not have this coverage, do not work with them.



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