Denied! How we hate to see that particular word and especially when it shows up on a letter from our insurance company. We all have positive expectations when it comes to working with insurance companies and most of the time, we believe that they will pay us a fair amount of money to repair our damaged home or business after a storm or other disaster. Whether it is a hurricane, tropical storm or a broken pipe homeowners and business owners have the right to a fair settlement especially when your policy clearly states the damages are covered in your policy—in black and white. But at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we know that this doesn’t always happen because insurance companies can find loopholes to get around your policy and turn it around so it looks like you’re not covered. Insurance companies try to pay as little as possible for claims, meaning that your claim may be denied or vastly underpaid. If you didn’t enlist the help of a public adjuster in Delray Beach, you may be facing an unfortunate situation. But don’t lose hope– the good news is that you can reopen it! The state of Florida allows you a period of five years after you first file to re-file your claim. This time, the insurance company will take notice because we’ll be here to help fight for you.  

Re-opening a Denied Claim in Delray Beach  

Making the most of your claim, even after it has been denied or underpaid, is less complicated than you think. Instead of dealing with all the insurance runaround yourself, let our team at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters take care of your claim for you!  

The processes behind reopening denied or underpaid claims can be complicated. But our insurance claims public adjusters at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters can help you make the most of your reopened claim and guide you every step of the way. You may have been denied for something as simple as you didn’t fill the form out correctly. Your insurance company won’t reveal that to you –but we will! We understand the tricks and sometimes underhanded techniques insurance companies use to try to deny your claim, and we know how to fight back.  

It is NOT Too Late to Call an Insurance Claim Public Adjuster  

Since 2005, Cohen & Associates has been a well-trusted name in claims adjusters in Delray Beach and throughout South Florida communities. Our professional claims adjusters have the expertise to get you the maximum award that you deserve so that you and your family can get back to your normal routine. Smoke, water, fire, hurricane or broken pipe claims—it’s all in a day’s work for us. And what’s more, we work for you, whereas your insurance company’s adjuster does not. Most people assume that because their claim is closed, it’s too late to do anything about it. But we are here to tell you that’s totally not true! There is still plenty of time to fight for a better settlement! And our promise to you is that we will do our best to get you every penny that you deserve. The sooner you call our team at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, the better. Call us today at (561) 287-6926 and make an appointment for your free claim assessment!  There is nothing to lose yet so much to gain! 

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