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When fire or water damage happens to your home or business, usually your first instinct is to open a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company and see what they advise you to do next. This is exactly what you should NOT do.

Calling a Public Adjuster prior to filing a property insurance claim is a must!

First of all, whenever there is a property loss due to water, wind, fire, mold, etc. The first thing is to make sure everyone located at the loss is safe. It is also imperative that action be taken immediately with proper mitigation, clean-up or water dry out services.  Contact your public adjuster immediately prior to calling your insurance company or making any claim. When a property claim is opened on a residential property or business property, it is very important that it is established properly from the inception of the loss. This makes it easier for a maximum settlement. Some homeowners innocently (thinking their insurance adjuster is on their side) will open an insurance property claim not knowing exactly how to establish it. This could easily be used against them if not reported accurately, and can even cause your claim to be denied.

  • When a knowledgeable public adjuster is involved, they will:
  • Establish your property claim accurately and properly according to the damage.
  • Document and scope out all the damages related to the loss.
  • Prepare a very detailed scope of work using software that is accepted and acknowledge by insurance company’s and their adjuster.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to get you exactly what you are entitled to according to your policy, that you may or may not know you are entitled to.

Hiring a public adjuster from the beginning of any property claim is a win/win for for any property owner!

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