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Fires are a devastation that many people think won’t happen to them, until it does. This can come as quite the surprise, as fires can turn a person’s life inside out overnight. At Cohen & Associates, we understand how scary a fire can be, and we also understand that the destruction it can bring is usually not minor. The most important thing is that everybody involved is safe, and that your home or workspace can begin being rebuilt.

When fire strikes, naturally it will be necessary to bring in the insurance company. Since fires are so spontaneous, insurance payments are highly relied upon to help with the cost of reconstruction and to replace anything damaged in the event. However, dealing with fire damage insurance providers in South Florida can be a huge hassle, as well as a timely obligation. With a fire damage public adjuster, we can focus on getting you the maximum amounts you deserve, while you focus on your family.

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There are multiple different ways a fire damage public adjuster can help. The first way is that when individuals decide to approach insurance companies solo, they can easily be taken advantage of. This is simply because insurance companies understand what they’re asking, how they’re asking their questions, and exactly what you need to say in order for them to pay you less. With a public adjuster, we can help level the playing field, as this is the kind of work we do everyday.

Another benefit is that we know what we’re looking for. When putting together the details of your claim, it’s important to have all of the information. When providing that information as an individual, sometimes the process can get confusing quickly, which then can lead to pieces that may be missed. Our public adjusters can help you round up that information, by taking photos, and thoroughly evaluating the incident.

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Outside of the complexities of working with an insurance company, there are small facts that may not be known. As a public adjuster in South Florida, we can tell you that it may be possible for you to also file a smoke claim, as the smoke from fires can be just as destructive. Smoke can work its way into A/C vents, drywall, all of your personal items. When a fire does occur, it’s also important to know that you must close off any exposed areas, so that your home is secure. If you’ve been a victim of a fire, many people don’t know that they are required to hire professionals to clean up whatever damage has been done.

At Cohen & Associates, we understand how overwhelming an experience like this can be. There are all types of uncertainties and fears regarding your family, and how you will afford these repairs. Insurance companies can add more stress, and if you’ve gone through a fire, you don’t need to add on any more. Allow us to assist in making sure that you get the correct returns available to you according to your policy. Don’t fight with insurance, that’s our job, and you can get back to focusing on what really matters.

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