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We all have expectations when it comes to working with insurance companies. Homeowners and business owners assume that they can pay their insurance and receive settlement for their claim. But at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we know that this doesn’t always happen. Insurance companies try to pay as little as possible for claims, meaning that your claim may be denied or underpaid. If you didn’t enlist the help of an insurance claim public adjuster, you may be facing an underpaid or denied claim. But at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we’re here to help fight for your claim. Even if your claim has been denied or underpaid, we may be able to reopen your claim to fight for your best interests.  

How can an insurance claim public adjuster help with my claim?

Making the most of your claim, even after it has been denied or underpaid, is easier than you’d think. Instead of dealing with all the insurance runaround yourself, let our team at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters take care of your claim for you! We can reopen your claim, fighting for your best interests. We’ll help by: 

  • Documenting damages 
  • Assessing the extent of damage with measuring devices 
  • Obtaining accurate repair estimates 
  • Refiling your claim on your behalf 
  • Negotiating with your insurer for your best interests  

The processes behind reopening denied or underpaid claims can be complicated. But our insurance claims public adjusters at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters can help you make the most of your new claim process. We understand the tricks and techniques insurance companies use to try to deny your claim, and we know how to fight back. We can get you the best possible settlement for your denied or underpaid claim.  

Isn’t it too late to call an insurance claim public adjuster?

Many people assume that because their claim is closed, it’s too late to do anything about it. But at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we know there’s always time to fight for your claim! We can work to maximize your claim and get you top dollar, even if your claim has been denied or underpaid. The sooner you call our team at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, the better! Our services are most effective as close as possible to the incident that caused damage to your property. Call us today for your free claim assessment!  

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