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Mold has the ability to grow wherever there is constant moisture that goes unnoticed. This can happen in new homes, old homes, and commercial properties. If you suspect a mold problem it’s time to call a mold damage public adjuster before you file a mold damage insurance claim. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters we have an experienced team who will help you throughout the claims process. We’ll make sure your claim is properly documented and filed on time so you can get the compensation you deserve.  

Why are mold damage claims so complex?

Mold claims can be especially complicated and complex for a few different reasons. In many insurance policies there are exclusions or limitations when it comes to mold damage claims. This means that if you just try to file a claim for mold damage it has a high chance of getting denied. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters we have experience handling mold damage claims. We know that if you can find water damage and link it to the mold damage your chances of getting paid for your claim increases greatly. Our first priority when we hear about mold damage is to investigate and see if the mold can be linked to water damage.  

Most basic homeowner insurance policies exclude coverage for mold damage. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a claim to file. When you work with our professionals at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters we’ll help determine the exact cause of the mold growth and see if there is a claim to be filed. Often times mold forms because of water damage that goes unnoticed, and that can be the basis of the claim. Don’t fear having your claim denied just because you don’t think your policy covers mold damage. Our team at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters is here to help throughout your claims process and do what we can to help with your potential claim.  

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If you notice mold growth in your home it can not only be damaging to your property but also your health. Mold is not something to ignore or mess around with, and you need to get the issue taken care of right away. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we can help you with your claim against the insurance company. We’ll make sure that our professionals provide top quality services to help you get compensation for your claim. To schedule a consultation with our public adjusters call Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters today.  

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