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You make sure to pay your homeowner’s insurance on time every month. If a leak or any other damage occurs to your home you expect your insurance company to help you out. There are times that insurance companies will try and have you settle quickly, sometimes for less than the amount you deserve. If you have damage to your home it’s important to hire a public adjuster to make sure you get the proper settlement you deserve. Cohen Associates & Public Adjusters has an experienced team of professional public adjusters who are here to provide you with help with your home insurance claim.  

Can a public adjuster help me if my claim has been denied?

If you filed a claim and had it denied our team can absolutely help you! Many home insurance companies underpay or even deny claims that deserve to be paid out. Hiring a public adjuster will allow you to re-open your claim and get the settlement that you deserve. Our team at Cohen Associates & Public Adjusters will re-open your claim and work to defend you and get you paid. Even if your claim has been closed for months or years, we can still help you. Florida law allows claims to be re-opened within five years of being closed.  

Home damages can be costly to repair and you deserve money from your insurance company to help with these damages. Our team at Cohen Associates & Public Adjusters has experience working with many different types of home damage and different claims. So of the areas which we can help you include: 

  • Mold damage 
  • Water damaged 
  • Storm damage 
  • Flood damage 
  • Fire and smoke damage 
  • Theft & vandalism  

Hiring a public adjuster can help you if you have had damages to your home. When you deal with your insurance company to file a claim they will have professionals working for them to assess the damage to your home. Why wouldn’t you hire a professional to help you make sure the claim is getting filed properly? Our team at Cohen Associates & Public Adjusters will work for you to identify the damages that have occurred and make sure that you’re getting the proper settlement. Don’t risk having your claim get settled for less than you deserve, or worse, get denied altogether. Call our team at Cohen Associates & Public Adjusters today.  


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