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When your home or business is facing damages, you need the best help you can get. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we know that far too many people think their insurance company has their best interests in mind. But our public adjusters in Key Largo know that far too many claims are settled for less than what’s due. Worse yet, many insurance companies deny rightful claims altogether. We think things should be done differently! With the help of our expert public adjusters in Key Largo, you can get the best help to ensure your claim is settled for the highest amount possible.

Can I afford to hire public adjusters in Key Largo?

Hiring our expert public adjusters in Key Largo is far more affordable than you’d think. In fact, you simply can’t afford NOT to hire our public adjusters! That’s because hiring our adjusters can exponentially increase your claim. We’ll maximize your claim! Best of all? We don’t get paid unless you get paid!

That’s right, our public adjusters in Key Largo offer comprehensive services at no upfront charge. Your insurance company has experts working for them, don’t you think you deserve the same help? At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, our professionals can help with a variety of claims, all for no upfront charge. Our most popular claims include:

  • Hurricane Damage
  • Theft & Vandalism
  • Smoke & Fire Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Broken Pipe Damage
  • Slab Leaks
  • Fallen Objects
  • A/C Leaks

The above problems can create major damages in your home or business. Getting things back to normal starts with getting the best settlement for your insurance claim. Our claims adjusters at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters can help! We’ll work to properly document your claim, and then we’ll work to fight any insurance runaround processes that have been designed to minimize your claim.

How can I get started on maximizing my claim?

Are you ready to get the most for your insurance claim? Then it’s time to hire an expert public adjuster in Key Largo. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we work tirelessly to settle your claim for the maximum amount possible. If you’re ready to maximize your claim, it’s time to call our team at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters. Call us today to schedule your free claims assessment!

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