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At Cohen & Associates, we are dedicated to our clients and helping them receive the best settlement when their insurance company denies them the proper amount. Property damages are not fun for anyone and dealing with your insurance company may feel like you have been defeated. When your insurance company denies your claim and the proper settlement you are entitled to, it is time for you to overcome your challenges with the help of an insurance adjuster in Miami.

Our team of expert adjusters are here to collaboratively work with you so you can get the money you rightfully deserve. When you experience as loss or damage to your home or business, you should have someone who can stand up for your rights when you aren’t sure how to. Insurance companies don’t enjoy handing out settlements to their clients because it is an ultimate loss for them. However, that doesn’t make it right to deny your claim when you are in a crisis.

Many individuals who file a claim and receive a low settlement or get turned around simply accept it and try to handle the burden on their own. Most of the time they are unaware that they can still receive the money that is owed to them with the help of a public adjuster. By bringing your denied claim to the attention of one of our expert claims adjusters, we can reopen the case and begin your supplement insurance claim. Regardless the size of the claim, we are here to offer our expertise and attention to your predicament and turn it around.

If you are interested in using our services, do not hesitate to call. The faster you bring the problem to our attention, the faster we can get you a larger settlement. Contact us at (954)371-2098 to receive a free claim assessment today!

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