Commercial Claims

Commercial Claim Public Adjusters

Cohen & Associate Public Adjusters will inspect your commercial loss and provide a free claim consultation. Call today to speak with our licensed commercial public adjusters.

  • Office Buildings
  • Homeowner Associates &
  • Condominiums
  • Property Management Companies
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Medical Facilities
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Income Properties
  • Multi-Family Units
  • Retail Stores & Restaurants
  • Shopping Plazas
  • Religious Institutions


Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters will identify the damaged items in your building. Let an insurance professional inspect your office to determined damaged items and losses in your building.


We work closely with property managers and Homeowner’s Association Board Members to coordinate and manage condominium insurance claims. It’s important to understand the master insurance policy vs. the per unit-owner issues and community by-laws.


Issues with a period of interruption for a business or property management company can bring a unique claim. With help from Cohen & Associate Public Adjusters your claim will be handled quickly and appropriately, getting your business back on track.


Damage to your warehouse can bring a large loss. Repair and restoration are just a part of your claim, as well as documenting the damages to the items you had in your warehouse. A good public adjuster will help document and photograph all damages to ensure a proper settlement.


With significant damage to schools, your claim must take care of business interruption, maintaining student enrollment, building improvements and restoration, and safety requirements. Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters works with schools from elementary schools to universities. We can help build a strong case for your claim.


There can be a combination of issues that accompany damage to a medical facility such as a hospital of doctor’s office. Issues including property damage, broken equipment, and more can all go into your claim. Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters has the experience and expertise to handle your claim.


When you incur property damage to your hotel or motel, vacancy issues are just one of the many issues you may deal with. You’ll also need to repair any damages, and make sure your building is back up to code. Don’t let just anyone handle your claim, trust our experienced professionals at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters.


If you have rental properties or income properties that are damaged it can significantly impact you. Not only will you not be making money, but you could have expensive repairs to deal with. Our public adjusters can help recoup lost wages and get you the compensation you deserve for your claim.


Property damage to multi-family units can have a devastating impact. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters we’re here to help document and build your claim to ensure you receive the compensation needed for all repairs.


Business interruption coverage, health department compliance, building code upgrades and loss of employees are things to be careful of when dealing with restaurant or retail store claims. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters our will manage your claim to help get your retail store or restaurant back open and in business as soon as possible.


Damage to shopping plazas can have an impact on many different businesses. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters we can separate these claims to make sure your business is compensated fairly. Repairs to the shopping plaza and loss business are two main parts of your claim.


It’s important to have full and careful documentation for places of religious worship. There is the potential of having to relocate and to avoid losing members it’s important to effectively manage these claims. Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters will work with your religious institution to handle and submit your claim.

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