Where to Find a Top Public Florida Adjuster 

When natural disasters or vandalism plague your home, it’s your right as a homeowner to repair and replace what has been damaged. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as one may think to get the insurance company to pay what your policy guarantees. That’s precisely what leads homeowners to reach out to a public adjuster in Florida. At Cohen Public Adjusters & Associates, we understand the hassle that many homeowners go through, which is why we’ve dedicated our lives to helping them get the financial assistance they rely upon.  

What Makes a Public Adjuster in Florida from Cohen Public Adjusters & Associates Different? 

At Cohen Public Adjusters & Associates, we don’t believe that any claim is too small or too large for our team to handle. Regardless of your situations, we believe in our ability to maximize your settlement amount, giving you the outcome you need to recover. We always strive to protect our client’s best interest. When we negotiate with your insurance company, we put you first! This is different from many adjuster companies, as they’re merely looking to be paid. At Cohen, we fight for your rights because we believe you deserve it.  

If you log onto our website, you’ll notice our many success stories. One by one, we’ve helped Florida residents just like you get the finances their policy entitles them to. When we first look at your situation, we’ll take the time to evaluate your home’s condition carefully. From there, we’ll gather all of the compelling evidence we need to make you a case that will stick. One of our incredible public adjusters will then present the case to your insurers, which they will then send an inspector to investigate further. Our team can help you with words of advice that may be the difference between a denied insurance claim, and a plentiful one. Call Cohen Public Adjusters & Associates today at (954) 371-2094 today to learn more! You won’t find a better public adjuster in Florida!

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