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One of the most common misconceptions for Florida homeowners and business owners is that they can file a water damage claim on their homeowner’s insurance in the aftermath of a flood. The reality is flood insurance is separate from homeowner’s insurance. A great way to understand how these two are different is thinking of where the water damage in Hollywood originates.

Water damage claims can be filed with a home insurance company in the event of a leaking roof, leaking pipe, leaking appliance, leaking AC, bursting pipe, and more. The downside to these rules is that most people don’t know. During Hurricane Irma, many homeowners were angry with their insurance companies for denying their claims. However, when closely checked, their policies did not include flood insurance and therefore did not receive the proper coverage.

Differences Between Filing for Flood Damage or Water Damage in Hollywood

If water rises in your home, you are looking at flood damage. If water comes from the sky or a leaking pipe, that’s water damage too. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), flood damage can only come from an overflow of inland or tidal waters, unusual or accumulative runoff water, mudflow, or the collapse of land that causes lakes or similar bodies of water to bring in waves and strong currents.

At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we know that thousands of homeowners have their claims denied. Our experienced public adjusters work hard to make sure that does not happen, especially if your policy entitles you to receive maximum amounts. We’ll review your policy with you so that you can have a full understanding of what’s covered and what’s not. Water damage in Hollywood is never easy, but with a public adjuster on your side, it’s certainly more manageable. Call today us today at (786) 877 – 1876.

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