Dealing with water damage in Hollywood, FL is something that nobody ever wants to go through. In the moment, you may think you can handle it on your own, using simple techniques, however, the fact is that you will likely need a team that can fix the problem with the level of professionalism and efficiency that is needed. Many people living in South Florida, are quite used to having to rebuild, fix and prepare. We’re no strangers to natural disasters and catastrophes, so it’s fair to say that at this point, we’re quite familiar with what goes into dealing with a major natural disaster, such as a hurricane, but that doesn’t mean that it gets any easier. Having to fight with the insurance companies, afterwards, to get the compensation you deserve is a traumatic and frustrating process. Cohen Public Adjusters, however, can help you in circumstances like this, when you’re dealing with water damage in Hollywood, FL.

Water damage in Hollywood can be rather “tricky”, in the sense that once you have floods or stagnant water, a bigger and more expensive issue can take place. Mold is not easy to get rid of, plus it comes with its own list of dangers. It can harm your family, and if it’s in your business it’s definitely unsafe for your customers, which means that you’ll want to take care of it right away. Cohen Public Adjusters, knows that this can all take a big chunk of your paycheck and that you can incur in high costs in order to fix it, however our public adjusters can help you get the compensation you deserve in order to pay for the damages.  

We can help you with both residential and commercial claims. Our public adjusters are well-versed in everything to do with damage claims, and we’ll make sure that your damage claim is unwavering. Cohen Public Adjusters, works for the people, not for the insurance companies. We can help you with a plethora of damage claim services, including: 

  • Smoke & Fire Claim 
  • Sinkhole Claim  
  • Theft & Vandalism Claim 
  • Marine Claims  
  • Water Damage Claim  
  • Mold & Mildew Claim 
  • Water Heater Claim & More  

Contact our public adjusters at Cohen Public Adjusters by calling (786) 877-1876 to file a claim for water damage in Hollywood. We will make sure that you get the compensation you deserve to get your property back to its former state. Our public adjusters fight for you, not for the insurance companies.

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