Public Adjsuter MiamiShould You Give Up After a Denied Property Insurance Claim? 

Have you recently filed a property damage insurance claim only to have it denied? If so, the experts at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters understand your pain and frustration. We’ve dealt with numerous clients who have had a similar situation. When you’re in this predicament, and the insurers say no, whom do you turn to? Many home devastation are too expensive to handle on one’s own. That’s the reason people get insurance in the first place! Fortunately, a public adjuster can help you with your denied property insurance claim, and here’s how.  

Trust a Public Adjuster with Your Denied Property Insurance Claim 

There are many reasons to hire a public adjuster, but one of the most common purposes is to fight a claim that has already been processed. These include denied claims or claims that were given a less than adequate offer. Insurance companies tend to give their clients less when they represent themselves, as they know that the terminology and paperwork can be confusing. By hiring a public adjuster, you’re not only getting assistance, but you’re also leveling the playing field.

A public adjuster will talk to the insurance company on your behalf. This includes building and presenting the claim, taking their numerous phone calls, and negotiating your highest settlement amount. Did you know that many people end up disregarding their claim, as the negotiation process can be strenuous and never-ending? Fortunately, you can skip past this frustrating stage. A public adjuster will be there to be your ally every step of the process.

A denied property insurance claim isn’t always justified, and when it’s not, a public adjuster from Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters can help you win your case. There’s no need to pay for damages that were out of your control. There’s no need to dig into your savings if you don’t have to. Don’t let the insurer’s word be the final say. Instead, create your own destiny by hiring a team of professionals who will have your back and work diligently for your maximum settlement amount. Call Cohen & Associates today at (786) 651-3009.

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