If you’re experiencing a denied property insurance claim, you’re probably wondering why. You’re probably also wondering what you can do to reverse the situation. If you think that no is a finalized no, think again! The beauty of denied insurance claims is that they can always be reopened. However, chances of success are usually higher with a public adjuster in the mix. A public adjuster can view the denied insurance claim and make clear and concise decisions about what to do next. If there seems to be a mistake, they’ll reopen the claim on your behalf. In this article, the experts at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters give a few tips when appealing a denied insurance claim.

Understand Why You Ended Up with a Denied Property Insurance Claim  

The first step to appealing a claim is to understand why it was denied in the first place. There are cases where the insurance company simply doesn’t want to deal with paying out dues. Like you, they’re simply trying to save money. However, sometimes there is genuine devastation that deserve full financial payouts. With a public adjuster, you can sit down and review the claim. They’ll be able to tell you where you went wrong, or why you deserve the full settlement amount.

Eliminate the Easy Mistakes First  

Some claims are denied for simple reasons such as misspelled data, incorrect information, or missing spaces. Whatever the situation may be, these are the easiest to work through. Your public adjuster can simply look at the page, point out what was missed or incorrect, and re-submit the claim. These are easy to work with and are generally quite quick.  


If your claim had all of the information entered correctly, chances are the public adjuster will need to get more involved. Gathering all of the evidence you can will make the process proceed smoothly. This entails photos, video, written accounts, and witness accounts. Allowing your insurance company to know how serious the issue was can bring them to take your claim more seriously. Additionally, having the help of a public adjuster will make them take notice of your claim first. Insurance adjusters understand that public adjusters know the lingo and rules of the game. When an adjuster is involved, there is little reason to deny a claim.  

If you’re dealing with a denied property insurance claim, reach out to the experts at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters today at 561-449-2658. Did you know that public adjusters will maximize your claim by 300% to 700%? At Cohen, we’ve been serving our clients for 13 years! With thousands of happy clients, it’s clear to see why we’re a top choice in South Florida. Don’t get stuck with a denied insurance claim when you can have an approved claim! Not only will you be approved, you’ll receive your maximum payout!

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