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I need an Insurance Adjuster in Doral

Damage to your home can cause a lot of stress and be a frustrating time. These problems can be compounded if you find out that you got a settlement for less than you deserved. Insurance companies may try to get you to quickly settle for an amount that is less than what is fair. If you’re unsure if the settlement you’re offered is fair, a team of Doral public adjusters can help. At Cohen Associates & Public Adjusters our team can help you if you’ve had home damage and need to file a claim. For the best insurance adjusters in Doral, contact Cohen Associates & Public Adjusters today.

Do I really need Doral public adjusters?

You may have submitted an insurance claim and think that the settlement from your insurance company is a good and fair offer. Yet, it’s still smart to hire a public insurance adjuster in Doral to make sure you get the most money possible for the damages caused to your home. You can submit an insurance claim for many damages to your home including the following:

  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Flood damage
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Mold
  • Theft

Even if you’ve had an insurance claim that has already been settled you may be able to reopen it. Florida law allows up to five years to re-open an insurance claim or file a supplemental claim. So if you settled your claim but think you may have gotten less than you should have, our public insurance adjusters team at Cohen Associates & Public Adjusters may be able to help.

Our team at Cohen Associates & Public Adjusters will look at everything that went into your claim and see if there is anything to help you get more money for your claim. Our public adjusters review the documents, damages, receipts and losses to see if you got the proper amount for your damages. A supplement claim also may be available for you to file which can claim for additional repairs or replacement costs. Don’t think that just because your claim was settled that it can’t be re-opened and looked at again. Contact our Doral public adjusters team at Cohen Associates & Public Adjusters today to see how we can help you get the most for the damages that have occurred to your home.

Our Clients Reviews

Whether you’re opening a new claim or you’re looking to fight a denied or underpaid claim, you can count on our team at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters.

  • What can I say about Cohen and associates, they are amazing. They helped me with my insurance water damage claim and got me great results. Very happy with them. They are very communicative and assisted me with everything. I cannot stress enough the importance of calling them. They are all great. Became family

    thumb Milton Lewinsky
    7 May, 2019

    Such a great Public Adjusters office! Will definitely use them to represent me in another claim I file with my homeowner's insurance! Recommend 100%

    thumb Kety Martinez
    30 September, 2019

    Great place.

    thumb 180 Degree Change Mike
    23 December, 2019
  • We've been well guided through our claim friendly staff with plentiful experience. Helping clients get what is deserved.

    thumb Jaime Gutierrez
    30 January, 2020

    I used cohen and Associates Public Adjusters for my property claim on my home in Miami. This was the best decision I made. The recovery was amazing. Their staff was always friendly a very professional. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a property claim.

    thumb biyatris zil
    3 January, 2019

    Guy and his team are great adjusters ! They got me the most recovery possible ! I didn’t even know I would be able to receive so much 😊😻😁😁

    thumb jennifer sardinas
    3 December, 2018
  • Short and to the point: We would recommend this public adjustor to a friend.

    thumb Tegan Parard Lawson
    20 November, 2018

    Cohen and associates handled my claim to my businesses Guy cohen my public adjuster recovered for me and my business more than I expected Him and his stuff were extremely professional and alway communicative and I will highly recommend him and his office to handle property insurance claims

    thumb Richy Boutique
    21 January, 2020

    Cohen and associates helped me with my water damage claims. This was the best decision we made. They got us more than we imagined. I would hands down recommend them

    thumb Dennis Patiño
    13 August, 2020
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