What to Expect from Cohen & Associates: A Top Insurance Adjuster in Miami 

Do you need to file a claim? Are you not getting paid enough for the claim you already filed? Did your claim come back denied? If so, you’re going to need a public adjuster on your side that you can trust. Unfortunately, many people don’t even realize that they need to call a public adjuster! Studies show that hiring an adjuster can help homeowners guarantee more financial settlements from their insurance companies, and hiring a public adjuster can save homeowners an extensive amount of time. If you’re considering a public adjuster for your home, Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters may be able to help! Our team can offer you an insurance adjuster in Miami you can trust.

What will an Insurance Adjuster in Miami Do For You?

You may be wondering what a public adjuster will do for you. While most people think that our only job is to get your maximum settlement amount, we also offer a plethora of other helpful services. We come to your property and document your damage. From there, we’ll help you build an unwavering case, and we can even give you tips on what to do, and what to stay clear of. Regarding your insurance company, we’ll negotiate on your behalf, while answering all of the calls. Once our work is done, you’ll be able to rest at ease knowing that you have the maximum insurance amount that your policy entitles you to. 

At Cohen & Associates, we strive to provide excellent services and incredible customer care. Whether it’s water damage, flood damage, fire damage, or mold cases, you can rest at ease knowing that a team with over a decade of experience has your back. We’re licensed to handle both residential and commercial properties, which means you can put your faith in our experts for your home or business.  

If you’re facing a property damage tragedy and you need an insurance adjuster in Miami, don’t risk reaching out to your insurance company alone. The risk is too high, and you may spend more time than you’d like getting a penny out of their firms. Instead, choose Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters for 300% – 700% more on your property damage insurance claims! When you’re in need, we’re the team to trust. Call us today for a free claim assessment at 800-45-CLAIM or (786) 877-1876, and see how we can start you on a better path.

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