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Business interruption happens when damage has been inflicted on your business, causing you to close your storefront for necessary repairs. Before you can repair your business, you must take time to assess the damage. Every business should have the business interruption coverage in their policy. While your insurance policy is there to make sure you are never unprotected against unpredictable happenings, you may need to protect yourself from the complicated terms of your policy as well.  An insurance adjuster in Hialeah will work by your side to ensure you are getting the money you deserve.

Maintaining your business while it is in a running condition offers issues on its own, but restoring your business after a disaster is even harder to overcome. Let your Insurance adjuster provide you with defense against the many lawyers and accountants your insurance company will throw at you to reach their magic number. Most people settle for their offered amount, but when you have an insurance adjuster you can make sure you are getting back your lost revenue and money for the damages.

Hurricane damage, fire and smoke damage, and water damage are the most common factors that make a business shut down for rehabilitation. If you are currently experiencing trauma due to one of these causes, it is important to reach out for help from an insurance adjuster in Hialeah. Business interruption coverage includes factors that are not readily accessible for business owners, like the five mentioned below. When you consult with an insurance adjuster, they provide the knowledge you need to increase your settlement.

-It is not well known that your business interruption losses can be calculated in two ways, but both end up being the same amount regardless of damage and policy.

-It is easier to analyze the losses of the damage when the business interruption period takes a longer time compared to a shorter time.

-Replacing your equipment during a business interruption costs less money than replacing it. As time passes, the more money is lost, and replacing equipment takes little to no time at all.

-If your business has not incurred physical damage, but your store supplier has, you are still under the business interruption coverage.

-The business interruption coverage begins the day of the damage and stops when the damages are supposed to be replaced. You must extend the coverage if you require it.

All the above information and more is accessible through your insurance adjuster in Hialeah. If you want to receive money that can be beneficial to your business, reach out to our insurance claims adjusters today to figure out how much you can receive.

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Now that my case is settled (thanks to you) I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated your services. I can't say enough about Mr. Rafael Rodriguez who has been representing you. Friendly, professional, and extremely thorough. These are just a few well-deserved accolades. I know it's his job but he seemed to go above and beyond the call of duty. His efforts on my behalf led to a positive conclusion and will always be appreciated. This may be the first time in my life that I was actually happy to send a check to cover your fee! Thanks again for a job well done.

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The best public adjusters

Clear, precise and fast. I recommend these people

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Great insurance claim adjuster

Very happy with cohen & associates public adjusters and how they handled my insurance property claim.

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Insurance claim

We would be glad to recommend cohen & associates public adjusters! They are the best!

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Awesome public adjusters

Excellent public adjusters! Very fast and super good results . My claim was settled better than imagined

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Great jib adjusting

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Great public adjusting

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