Why it is always a good idea to hire a public adjuster
Did you know that 90% of most property insurance claims in South Florida are water damage related? Water damage claims can be caused by a broken pipe, A/C leak, shower pan leak, roof leak, or even any appliance malfunction. When it is initially discovered, the first step in a property damage situation is to mitigate immediately and dry out the affected areas in order to prevent further damage and/or mold growth. You will need to do this in order to be compliant with your insurance policy. By conducting the proper mitigation, you are acting accordingly to your insurance policy by mitigating damages as soon as they were discovered. After any property loss, it is highly recommended that you contact a public adjuster. Contacting a public adjuster prior to you establishing a property claim is important. Your public adjuster will know the proper way to establish your claim, make sure all necessary documentations are submitted in a timely manner and most importantly they will be at your initial inspection with your insurance companies’ adjuster.
This initial inspection with your public adjuster is important at the inception because it should help avoid any unnecessary delays making sure both representatives are on the same page. What we mean is, when they conduct a walk through your property, your public adjuster will point out to your insurance companies’ representative what your exact damages are and what he will be claiming for you. Remember, many damages are more than meets the eye. Even though your insurance adjuster might make a payment to you on a covered claim, they are advocates for your insurance company. Having your own representation is beneficial to you, this will save you time and they will recover for you what you are entitled to.

However, it is never too late to hire a public adjuster. If you hire a public adjuster after establishing a claim, they will pick up the pieces where you left off and no doubt should be able to recover much more for you according to your policy, coverage and damages. A public adjuster is always a excellent idea in handling any property damage claim.

Many property owners might not be aware that their property has suffered a water damage. For example, if you have investment properties, a second residence, or even a leak behind your walls that that is not visible. By the time these damages are discovered, the property most likely could be infested by mold. It is also very common for most water damage claims to lead to mold damage. Mold growth can exist after suffering a water damage in your home or business in as little as 48 to 72 hours. The first instinct is usually to contact the insurance company and open a mold claim. This is the first way to have your claim DENIED! You should know that mold damage on its own is NOT a covered loss. Mold damage to your property is only a covered loss if it is a result of a covered cause of loss. For example, a broken pipe, appliance malfunction or any type of covered water damage. Mold can also be the result of a hurricane or storm. In that case it would only be covered if it was the cause of a named peril. Most homeowners’ policies have a 10K mold policy limit. This is something a good public adjuster will know how to incorporation in the total negotiation of your claim.

In addition to mold, some water damage claims cause damages to personal property, also known as contents. This is a process that your public adjuster should be able to assist you with and submit to your insurance company as well.

It is always a good idea to hire a public adjuster because a good public adjuster will always be able to determine the cause of the loss, and recover for you a FAIR maximum recovery. If you don’t get paid, your public adjuster doesn’t get paid. It’s a win win!

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