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Even small fires can cause significant damage to your home. Smoke can penetrate the walls and go through the A/C system, damaging your entire home even though the fire may have been small and contained. The first thing to do after a fire is to make sure everyone is okay. Afterwords, dealing with the damage is the next step. Working with a fire damage public adjuster can help throughout your claims process. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we’re ready to help you get the compensation you deserve for the fire and smoke damage that has been caused in your home.  

Why use a public adjuster for your fire damage claim?

Without the use of a fire damage public adjuster you could risk having your claim underpaid or even denied completely. Filing a claim with your insurance company without the use of a public adjuster puts you at risk of leaving out important details or not filing the claim properly. If you’re not familiar with fire damage claims it’s always best to utilize the services of a good public adjuster. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters we have an experienced team of public adjusters who know how to best handle working with the insurance companies and handling fire damage claims.  

Fire losses can be extremely devastating for you and your family. Beyond the fire damage to your home there can also be significant smoke damage in the aftermath of the fire. Getting the most out of your insurance claim starts with working with a fire damage public adjuster. Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters know how to properly document damages, get estimates for repair costs, file and monitor your claim, and negotiate the best settlement possible.  

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Smoke almost always accompanies and provides additional damage when there is a fire in a home or business. This can cause damage to all areas of the home or business, not just the area where the fire was. If you’ve been in an unfortunate incident where your home has been damaged, call Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters today. We’re here to help with your claims process and our team will make sure you get the best settlement possible. Our fire damage public adjusters understand the best way to handle the claims process and we’re ready to fight for you.   

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