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Thousands of homeowner’s insurance claims are denied every day, which is a huge letdown to policyholders. Property damage claims can be complicated, as many insurance companies will do just about anything to keep their clients from receiving their full settlement amount if any settlement at all. An insurance adjuster in Miami may be able to change all of that.

Why Do Claims Get Denied and How Can an Insurance Adjuster in Miami Help?

Understanding the reasons why insurance companies deny claims can give policyholders some perspective and insight on how to file properly. Occasionally, policyholders forget to review their property insurance policies, only to realize they were denied because they were not covered.

A public adjuster can help make sure insurance companies pay you the right amount the first time you submit a claim. If a claim has been denied, an insurance adjuster can still work to re-open the claim to receive a financial settlement for their clients. Generally, insurance companies take claims more seriously when they see a professional adjuster is assisting the policyholder.

If you have been looking for a property insurance adjuster in Miami after a denied claim, fear not! At Cohen & Associates Public Insurance Adjusters we have years of experience and many five-star ratings and reviews from our clients. We understand how insurance companies work, and we’re here to make sure that our clients are not taken advantage of, disregarded, or ignored. At Cohen & Associates Public Insurance Adjusters, we’re a top insurance adjuster in Miami with the knowledge and experience to give you that maximum amount you rightfully deserve. We also work with clients in Broward and Palm Beach Counties to make sure their claims are handled quickly and fairly. Please call us today at (786) 629- 6420 to see how we can help you with a homeowner’s insurance claim.

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