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Hurricane Irma struck South Florida with devastating force, causing millions of dollars in property damage. Though Miami was fortunate to avoid a direct hit, thousands of homeowners suffered damage. They filed insurance claims but were left waiting longer than usual because of the amount of damage. They were frustrated and overwhelmed by the process. But thanks to the help of Miami insurance adjusters, many timely and adequate settlements were given.

There is a team of Miami insurance adjusters you can trust

Recovering from a hurricane may be especially challenging because it can mean filing claims on different policies. Filing claims for major damage can feel like a full-time job because homeowners must document every loss to negotiate a fair insurance settlement. Any mistakes, omissions, or missteps made can mean a lower payout. Keeping a close eye on the details is one role filled by public adjusters.

A public adjuster is a professional claims handler who advocates for the homeowner in appraising and negotiating an insurance claim. As a homeowner or business owner, knowing that there is a company you can call during natural disasters or any property damage case can give peace of mind. Luckily, there are professionals at Cohen & Associates Public Insurance Adjusters who can help make a difference in your home or business.

Our experienced insurance adjusters are top of the line, assisting thousands of homeowners each year. We understand how important it is that your claims be taken care of in a professional and timely manner so that the damage your home has sustained does not continue to worsen.

We also understand how overwhelming and worrisome these times can be, which is why we encourage all people to contact our Miami insurance adjusters. Do not let insurance companies delay or deny your claims. Instead, call Cohen & Associates Public Insurance Adjusters today at (786) 991 – 2476.

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