It’s the season of cookouts and friends, which means that there’s always a risk for fires to happen in your home. Take it from an insurance claim public adjuster from Cohen Public Adjusters. We’ve seen our fair share of cookout fires and believe us when we tell you that they aren’t pretty! Fires cause multiple types of damages, such as smoke and flame damage. When a fire strikes, an insurance claim must be filed. However, by following these next few tips, you can avoid the devastating situation!  

An Insurance Claim Public Adjuster Says, “Always Check the Property for Hazards.”  

Sometimes, fires can start because of significant amounts of heat. There are numerous areas inside and outside the home that present a danger. For example, candles, grills, irons, stoves, and hot bulbs are all possible fire threats. Before you leave your home, be sure to check your property. Make sure flammable items are not kept near items that can spark a fire. Another element of your home to check every year is your wiring. Having a technician come to your home can put your mind at ease when thinking about under-rate extension cords or outdated wiring.  

Test the Smoke Detectors 

Often, people don’t think about their smoke detectors until they need them. However, what happens if the smoke detectors are out of commission and a homeowner misses the signal? This can be beyond dangerous, and it puts family members in jeopardy. Test the alarm monthly, change the batteries every six months, and be sure to switch the unit out every ten years.  

Have an Evacuation Plan 

While an evacuation plan won’t help you prevent a fire, it will help to keep loved ones safe. If your home is on fire, you’ll want to have a plan set in place. Family members in separate rooms might not be able to communicate with one another, making it vital that everyone understands the path. For every room, identify two exits. If there aren’t two exits, make it a rule that no one is allowed to sleep there. Last, determine a meet-up point well from the property premises.  

If you’re currently experiencing fire damage or smoke damage and you’re looking to file a claim, don’t do it alone. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we understand just how terrifying this process can be. You have plenty of other things to worry about, why not let the professionals handle your finances? We strive to get our clients the money they deserve, especially after such a catastrophic and destabilizing event.

When you hire an insurance claim public adjuster, you’re maximizing your claim by up to 700 percent! Call Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters today at 561-449-2658. We don’t get paid until you do!

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