Hurricane Dorian is one of the most destructive storms in recent history, due to its incredibly strong winds and slow progression across the Atlantic. The uncertainty of its path led many Floridians to anxiously await the storm, with many under-prepared for the heavy winds and rains this close call brought to the coast. Despite Dorian not making direct landfall, some areas still saw serious storm surges, winds of 40 miles an hour or more, and flooding. These conditions are more than enough to lead to serious damage to your home, car, boat, or other property. If you need to file a claim, a hurricane claim public adjuster at Cohen Public Adjusters can help! To start, follow these five steps: 

Step One: Pre-Storm Preparation 

Florida homeowners understand that hurricanes are a yearly threat, yet most wait until there is an impending storm to prepare. This leads to the desperate scramble for water, canned foods, and gas that ends up on news reports across the country every time a new storm approaches. Beginning your preparation in July at the beginning of hurricane season can save you the hassle and headache.  

Beyond refreshing your stockpile of canned foods and gathering water, it is important to prepare your home and other property for a potential hurricane as well. Shutters and hurricane-proof windows are worth the investment. It’s also important to document your valuables at this time. Taking pre-storm photos of your home, car, boat, or other property can help expedite the hurricane claims process, should anything happen. 

Even if you don’t have your home’s pre-storm condition documented, you can still file a claim with the help of a hurricane claim public adjuster in Florida. As third-party experts in damage assessment, we can help to verify your damage claim is due to hurricane conditions. 

Step Two: Itemize Your Damage 

Just as it’s important to document your home before the storm, itemizing the damages caused by Hurricane Dorian is vital to your claims process. The more information you can provide your insurance company, the easier it is to ensure you get the money you need to make repairs. A public claims adjuster can help to assess your damage, so you can present your insurance company with a specific, verified claim. Some things you may be able to claim include: 

  • Roof damage: missing or damaged shingles, broken gutters, roof leakage, etc. 
  • Exterior structure damage: missing or damaged siding, porch damage, foundation or exterior wall cracks, etc. 
  • Broken windows and damaged window frames 
  • Flooding damage 
  • Mold resulting from hurricane water damage 
  • Damage to vehicles caused by debris, wind, or rain 

Step Three: File a Claim 

Don’t rush to file your Hurricane Dorian claim. Take the time to gather the appropriate information to make sure your case doesn’t get denied, leading to drawn out appeals. Review the details of your claim with a hurricane claims public adjuster at Cohen Public Adjusters before you submit. They can help you spot small mistakes or missed details that can cause delays in your case. Even after your claim has been filed, a claims adjuster can help to mitigate any further steps as necessary. 

Step Four: Confirmation from an Insurance Claims Adjuster 

The next step in your Hurricane Dorian claim process may take the longest, as your insurance provider’s claims adjusters are likely working several cases simultaneously. Once your claim has been filed, a claims adjuster will visit your property to assess the value of your case. Because they work for your insurance provider, it is often their job to find the lowest possible payout and deny coverage if possible. This is when Cohen Public Adjusters can do the most for you. 

A hurricane claims public adjuster with Cohen Public Adjusters is on your side. We don’t work for insurance companies, so our priority is getting you the funds you need to recover. Our team of certified claims adjusters can fight on your behalf against even the largest insurance company.  

Step Five: Accept or Appeal  

After you file your Hurricane Dorian damage claim, your insurance provider will give you an initial payout for the value of their assessment. At this point, you can either accept your check and close the claim, or choose to file an appeal if you believe your claim is worth more than the payout. If you chose to appeal your insurance claim, let Cohen Public Adjusters help you. We can provide the knowledge and legal back-up you need to get the money you deserve. Our hurricane claims public adjusters can guide you through the entire process, including seeking legal action if necessary.  

If Hurricane Dorian has caused damage to your property, don’t wait—begin the claim process today with Cohen Public Adjusters. Contact us now!

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