It happens. You go about your daily business and sometimes you don’t even realize you have a broken pipe. Perhaps it happened outside in the back of your pool area and you normally don’t go back there unless your pool man is there. It’s unfortunate, but if you have just discovered the break, you need to act immediately. Often times, the amount of money you receive from an insurance settlement is determined by how attentive you are to the situation. Keeping a watchful eye on your property can help you avoid damage from water seeping into your home and worst of all, mold. The sooner you reach out to a public adjuster in Boynton Beach, the easier time you’ll have when it comes time to filing your initial claim.  

Do I Need a Public Adjuster to File MBroken Pipe Claim? 

Broken pipe policy language can be tricky and not always obvious to the layperson. You insurance company may deny your claim if you don’t fill out the paperwork correctly or provide the proper documentation. And even if all is in order on your end, they may still deny the claim. This is why you need a public adjuster like Cohen & Associates on your side to deal with the insurance company on your behalf. We can help navigate the legal language in your policy to determine your coverage and even represent you in court, if it comes to that. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we are here to get you a settlement with the maximum amount you deserve. We can collect all the minute details, complete the paperwork, communicate with your insurance company, and even represent you in court if it is needed.   

What Can a Public Adjuster Do for MExactly? 

At Cohen & Associates, we take time to assess the damage and present it to your insurance company, because every individual claim is different. We ensure your broken pipe claim in Boynton Beach is processed as successfully as possible by making sure to include the following steps:   

  • We take photos and document the scene utilizing the latest technology 
  • We take the time to process claims in the most efficient way possible 
  • We make sure our damage assessments are accurate  
  • We create proper estimates so you can be assured of receiving the maximum amount you’ll need for your repair 
  • And more!  

Call us today to help with your broken pipe claim in Boynton Beach. Don’t let the work “denied” be the end of your pursuit of your case.  When you choose Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters to Represent you, you can rest assured you will get the best settlement and in the fastest time possible Simply visit or call our Palm Beach office at (561) 287-6926 or (800) 45-CLAIM. One of our experienced team will be happy to take your call and while you’re on the line, don’t forget to ask about your free claim assessment! 

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