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Storms with heavy rains are not uncommon in South Florida. If your home has water damage due to a storm, plumbing leak, or burst pipe you need to speak with a public adjuster. Are you wondering whether you need to file a water damage claim in Hollywood? At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters we can help you file a water damage claim in Hollywood, FL and get the most out of your settlement. Water damage can cause a lot of damage that lead to expensive repairs. If you don’t get the proper settlement from your insurance company, you could be left paying out of pocket for these repairs.  

What if my claim has already been settled?

Did you have water damage and accept whatever settlement your insurance company offered? Are you now wondering if it was a fair settlement? At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters we can take a look at your claim, and if necessary, reopen your claim and work to get you a fair settlement. There can be times where the insurance company will offer to settle for less than what you deserve. We have many cases where we have helped our clients get much more than what the insurance company was initially offering or what they initially paid out.  

Did you know that 90% of property insurance claims are water damage claims? If you have a burst pipe, a/c leak, or other plumbing issue it can cause significant water damage in your home. While cleaning up the water in your home is frustrating, what’s more frustrating is if your insurance company is trying to pay you less than you deserve. When you work with our professional public adjuster you can be sure you’re getting the most from your claim. The damages that you have in your home aren’t going to pay for themselves and fixing your home after water damage can be very expensive. Make sure you’re getting the proper and fair settlement you deserve to cover these expenses.  

At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we have a history of successful water damage claims in Hollywood, FL for our clients. Whether you have just occurred water damage or your claim has already been paid out, our team can help. Water damage can lead to mold damage and these damages will start to add up in a hurry. Make sure you’re not stuck paying out of pocket for any of these expenses. Contact our team at Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters today to speak with our team and have any questions answered.

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