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New, Underpaid or Denied Claim? We Can Help!

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When you know that you will need to file a property insurance claim, your first call should be to us! We can help you file a claim, and be with you throughout the entire process. Contact us today, and let us help ensure that you receive the maximum amount of money that you are entitled to for your claim.

First thing is first, making sure everyone located at the loss is safe. Contact your public adjuster immediately prior to calling your insurance company or making any claim. It is also imperative that action be taken immediately with proper mitigation services depending on the cause of loss with clean-up or water dry out services. When a property claim is opened on a residential property or business property, it is crucial that it is established properly from the inception of the loss. Calling a public adjuster FIRST is highly recommended. Some homeowners and/or business owners innocently (thinking their insurance adjuster is on their side) will open an insurance property claim not knowing exactly how to establish it. This could easily be used against them if not reported accurately, and can even cause your claim to be denied.

When a knowledgeable public adjuster is involved, they will:

  • Establish your property claim accurately and properly according to the damage and your policy coverage.
  • Document and scope out all the damages related to the loss.
  • Prepare a very detailed scope of work using software that is accepted and acknowledge by insurance companies and their adjuster.
  • Open a line of communication with your insurance carriers’ adjusters AND most importantly NEGOTIATE on your behalf to get you exactly what you are entitled too. Almost all property owners are entitled to more than what they think.

Hiring a public adjuster from the beginning of any property claim is a win/win for any property owner! Our interest is ALWAYS your interest.

New Insurance Claim In South Florida?

Whether it is a Flood/Water Damage, Plumbing Leak, Smoke/Fire Damage, Mold, or Vandalism/Theft damage to your home or business (Business Interruption), the period following a property loss is a critical time for any individual or company. That’s why our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. An Insured can file a claim however, by contacting Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters from the inception/the date of loss this will guarantee the steps of your claim process will be done accurately and efficiently with your property claim. We serve clients in Miami, Aventura, Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County.

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