Fire and Smoke Damage Public Adjuster


Fire Damage Insurance AdjusterThe most important thing in a fire insurance claim is to make sure that everyone is safe and sound. Fires are extremely dangerous and destructive. In addition to the actual damage from the fire’s flames, smoke damage is very dangerous and damaging. The resulting fire damage must be professionally evaluated by an experienced public adjuster. Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters are here for you to guide you through your smoke or fire damage recovery to your home or commercial property / business.

Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

Did you know that in South Florida and other parts of the country most of the damages in insurance claims comes as a result of a fire are smoke damages? Smoke travels and penetrates throughout the A/C system and your air ducts travel throughout your entire property.  Even though a fire may be contained to one small room, the smoke from that fire can damage an entire house.  Smoke goes into the cavity of the drywall and is absorbed inside all wooden materials in your property as well as your clothing fabrics and personal item. Even after thorough cleaning and painting to your property, this still doesn’t get rid of the smoke damages.

Why Use a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster for your Fire or Smoke Claim?

Under these types of claims, you the insured are entitled to many compensations/recovery monies from your insurance company under your policy. In Florida, like everywhere else, the claims process is extremely complex and this makes your insurance company uncomfortable because with the right public adjuster, they are aware of that. Without the use of a public insurance claims adjuster, you will leave out many details in your recovery, big or small, that will tremendously hurt the recovery of your claim and what you are entitled to.   After smoke and fire damage has occurred to your property, every home owner MUST use the services of a public adjuster.

Please know that for any property owner who has suffered smoke/fire damage, you are required to hire a professional company to handle your smoke/fire damage clean up. Furthermore, you must protect your property by boarding up any open exposed areas.

Public Adjuster in Hollywood, FL, Serving Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties

At Cohen and Associates, we can help you with your fire or smoke damage claim.  We have had claims up in Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach  Boca Raton and down to Miami and further south.  We recently had a claim in Aventura Which resulted in a nice settlement.  Through our Hollywood offices we are accustomed to serving those in need throughout South Florida, and we would be happy to help you with your insurance claim.  Call us, and lets learn more about what you are facing, and how we can help.