When filing property insurance claims, homeowners/businesses don’t realize the approximate cost to cover the losses occurred. They are left with two options – hire Delray Beach public adjusters or compromise with the settlement made by insurance companies. The second option is like letting your spouses attorney make the decisions in a divorce settlement, which might cost you some money. On the other hand, hiring a public adjuster is like ensuring that you are going to get a perfect settlement. If you are looking for the best public adjusters in Delray Beach, don’t look any further than Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters. We are a reputed public adjusting business in America engaged in representing homeowners and businesses in their property insurance cases.

There are an array of reasons to hire public insurance claim adjusters for Delray Beach property insurance cases. Public Adjusters can help with:

Water Damage Insurance claims:  A leaky roof, a burst pipe, backup from a city line, Broken Dishwasher hose, bad gutters, or a broken hot water heater can all lead to significant water damages and probably mold

Fire Damage Claims:  Fires are less and less common these days, but, still can result in significant damage from the fire itself, and smoke damage and repair can cost a great deal of time and money.

Weather related insurance Claims: Unfortunately, all of South Florida faces the risk of weather related property damage, from Hurricanes, to Tornadoes, to Flood and high winds, and Public Insurance claims adjuster can save you time and money on your claim.

Everything from claim preparation to presentation is handled by the public adjusters. You don’t have need to take headache of collecting details about the property loss, preparing documents, consulting with the insurance company, and all that. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we carefully listen to what our customers’ needs, and work in accordance with that. Our experienced professionals have years of experience in handling property insurance cases of different types, and they believe in customer satisfaction.

If you have any question, please call our toll free number (800) 45-CLAIM (25246).