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Does a Public Adjuster Need a License in Florida?

Yes, in order to business in Florida, the state legislature requires that public adjusters have a license that permits them to work in Florida.  The relevant Florida Statutes for this license fall under state Statutes 626.854, 626.865.  In short, public adjusters must have a license, and must pay fees, have a $50,000 surety bond, and must have been an apprentice, and finally must pass an exam in order to become a a Public Adjuster in Florida.

Not all states require licenses to become a Public Adjuster, but, the state of Florida has felt it necessary to offer consumers this additional level of safety, given the large amounts at risk during claims, and due the frequency of claims in our state.  In Florida, the licensing process is not simple.  It requires many steps to become a licensed adjuster.  The first step is to complete an apprenticeship.  The apprenticeship must have been for at least 100 hours per month, and must have been for at least 12 months.

Once the apprenticeship is completed, the applicant is ready to apply for the license.

From there, the license requires that the person applying must be a resident of Florida, or, maintain a principal place of business in Florida (with only a few exemptions).   Before applying, the applicant must also provide proof a surety bond.

With all these requirements in place, the person is fingerprinted, and then, must pass an exam to prove their knowledge of Public Adjusting in the state of Florida.

When the exam is passed, the person is now a licensed public adjuster in the State of Florida.

At Cohen Adjusters, we were among the first adjusters licensed in the state of Florida, and we have experience that dates back considerably longer than most firms.  When you choose Cohen and Associates, it is because you want the value of experience to help you get the most for your claim.

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