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08 Jun

What’s Covered After a Hurricane and What’s Not: Insurance Claim Public Adjuster

It’s Hurricane Season and people living in South Florida are shaken after last year’s visit from Hurricane Irma made its way to Florida. While Floridians are wary of this...

01 Jun

A Hurricane Claim Public Adjuster Can Help with Irma Compensation

It’s been over six months since Irma, yet some homeowners and business owners are still waiting for approval on their insurance claims. Others are reeling from their lower-than-expected compensation. When disasters strike, it...

25 May

Top Three Reasons to File with a Property Claims Public Adjuster

There are many tasks a homeowner or business owner can complete on their own, but hiring a property claims public adjuster typically offers a better outcome when filing an...

22 May

Coping with Flood or Water Damage in Hollywood

One of the most common misconceptions for Florida homeowners and business owners is that they can file a water damage claim on their homeowner’s insurance in the aftermath of...

22 May

2018 Hurricane Predictions and Why You May Need a Hurricane Claim Public Adjuster

2018 is shaping up to be another busy year for hurricanes. Forecasters from Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project expect the number of named storms and hurricanes to be...

09 May

How to Avoid Water Damage in Hollywood this Hurricane Season

June is almost here, bringing hurricane season with it. Many residents fear extensive water damage in Hollywood because the area is home to several flood zones. Homeowners can take...

25 Apr

How Can an Insurance Adjuster in Miami Help Me from Having My Claim Denied

Thousands of homeowner’s insurance claims are denied every day, which is a huge letdown to policyholders. Property damage claims can be complicated, as many insurance companies will do just...

25 Apr

Will a Miami Insurance Adjuster Save Me Money?

A common question many homeowners in South Florida ask is, will a Miami insurance adjuster save homeowner insurance policyholders money in the long run? The answer to that question...

25 Apr

How Hurricane Irma Showed the Importance of Hiring Miami Insurance Adjusters

Hurricane Irma struck South Florida with devastating force, causing millions of dollars in property damage. Though Miami was fortunate to avoid a direct hit, thousands of homeowners suffered damage....

17 Apr

Why Water Damage in Hollywood is Not a DIY Job

In Florida, water damage can present itself in many ways. Some of the most common include roof leaks, flooding, pipe bursts, air conditioner leaks and appliance leaks. Thousands of...

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