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People buy insurance policies because they think it is a convenient way to recover from your loss. Medical bills, auto repair bills, house repair, fire damage, etc. may take a huge chunk of your pocket if not for an insurance policy. Insurance policy plays the role of a safety net when the policyholder faces a loss. But how do you, as a policyholder, make a claim and agree on the amount you should be paid for the damage? Here is exactly when a Public Claim Adjuster Fort Lauderdale steps in. Cohen & Associates Public Insurance Adjusters have been successfully handling numerous insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale since 2005. Our Public Insurance Claims Adjuster Fort Lauderdale can help you manage your claim efficiently.

What is the difference between Insurance Adjuster and Public Claim Adjuster?

When it comes to an insurance adjuster, there are main two types of insurance adjusters.

  • Insurance Adjusters.
  • Public Claim Adjusters.

When a policyholder claims insurance, automatically the insurance company assigns an insurance adjuster to settle his claim. But unfortunately, as this adjuster is employed by the insurance company, he may end up settling the claim in the insurer’s favor. Whereas, if you hire a Public Claim Adjuster Fort Lauderdale you will have an Insurance adjuster working in your favor.

A Public Insurance Claims Adjuster Fort Lauderdale will study your policy in-depth, survey the rate of damage caused, calculate the estimated insurance amount you are due to get, file your claim and negotiate with the insurance provider on your behalf.

Stop relying on insurance providers to settle your claim and hire an expert Public Claim Adjuster Fort Lauderdale, who can manage your claim process professionally and free you from unnecessary hassle.

Cohen & Associates have made accessing a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster Fort Lauderdale an easy task. All you need to do is give us a call or request a FREE claim assessment whenever you want. Call us TODAY!

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