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In August of 2017, 650 miles wide, Hurricane Irma ripped through South Florida, leaving extensive destruction in its path. With 6 million people ordered to evacuate, their homes were left to withstand the 185-mile per hour winds. When homeowners made it back to their properties, many people suffered extensive damages, and were left wondering how they would repair their losses. Insurance companies were flooded with inquiries. At Cohen & Associates, our hurricane claim public adjusters fight for those who did not get what they deserved out of their insurance policies. When a natural disaster strikes, insurance companies are notorious for not fulfilling hurricane claims. With over 15 years of experience, our hurricane claim public adjusters understand what they’re working with, and can help you get the maximum amount to restore your damages.

A Public Adjuster can Help!

Generally, dealing with insurance companies can be extremely stressful, especially the bigger the claim. When natural disasters occur, insurance companies are even more tedious to converse with. These types of companies love to use difficult language, as it provides a barrier between the answers you provide, and the money they end up giving to you. When questions aren’t answered correctly, due to misunderstandings or again, difficult language, this can greatly affect the outcome of your settlement. With a public adjuster, the playing field becomes more even. Handling insurance claims solo may not always offer the best results.

Another additional benefit is that we don’t get paid until you get paid. This means that our team will work tirelessly until you receive the compensation you’re policy entitles you to. Our years of experience and qualified knowledge help us to know the ins and outs of the insurance world, allowing us to navigate more efficiently. We work quickly in order to help you restore your damages in a timely manner. At Cohen & Associates, we understand how important it is that you get your home back to its natural state, as our homes are our sanctuaries and safe places.

Don’t Let Hurricane Damage Claims go Unpaid!

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what exactly was destroyed during the storm. Our South Florida public adjusters can help take photos of the damages, as well as accurately documenting any and all destruction zones. By having a helping hand in gathering the appropriate data, you’ll be assured that nothing will be missed and all of the information necessary is present. If you’re recovering from this massive hurricane and are struggling to get the payment you deserve, our hurricane claim public adjusters can help you get back on your feet, while taking on the responsibilities that can add so much stress. You can focus on your home, and we can focus on your rights.

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