When purchasing homeowner’s insurance, do you ever look at the fine print?

Are you aware many companies use a policy called “the right to repair,” something that puts control completely in their hands?

In other words, The Right to Repair Program allows your insurance company to take away your right to choose who, what and how will be repaired to your property. Turning your insurance company into a repair company.

Property owners beware of what you are purchasing and know the facts.

Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters provides a free claim assessment and policy review.

More and more companies are adopting Right to Repair – you DO NOT have to go with the right to repair policy.

Here is a list of companies that have adopted the rights to repair program:

  • Safepoint Insurance (they have just recently adopted R.T.R )
  • Avatar ; Also knows as Elements Property and Casualty
  • Florida Peninsula ; Also known as Edison Insurance
  • People’s Trust Insurance
  • Citizens Insurance (they adopted R.T.R as of August 2018)
  • There is also *Heritage Insurance Company but this is on some policies since its an option for homeowners.

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