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New, Underpaid or Denied Claim? We Can Help!

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Supplement Insurance Claim

Didn’t Get Paid Enough For Your Insurance Claim?

Did you know that Florida law allows up to five (5) years to re-open an insurance claim or file a supplemental claim? If your feel you were unfairly underpaid by your insurance company, Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters offers a free insurance claim assessment and policy review.

Insurance claims are a loss for any insurance company. An insurance company is a business like any other business. Your insurance adjuster will try to pay as minimum as possible in order to save money for their employer which is your insurance carrier. This is where Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters will come to assist.

How Can Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters Help Me?

We will review all documents, damages, receipts, losses, etc. and submit a claim supplement to your property insurance carrier for whatever was unfairly paid or just left out of your scope of work. A Supplement is a claim for additional repair or replacement costs. Supplements are commonplace in the insurance claims process. However, if you are a policyholder unaware of your policy rights, you could be walking away from hundreds or thousands of dollars that you are entitled to collect.

Insurance claim supplements usually occur after a policyholder submits a claim and DOES NOT GET PAID ENOUGH TO COMPLETE THE REPAIRS or additional damages ARE discovered some time later that your insurance adjuster did not pay for.

Many people mistakenly think that once your insurance claim is closed, it cannot be re-opened .

If you have been paid or have received an offer of settlement on a portion of your property insurance claim, we can professionally review all the related paperwork in seeing what was not paid and left out of the scope work. It’s not uncommon for an insurance adjuster to omit OR incorrectly misprice details in your claim. Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters will conduct further ASSESSMENT AND negotiation with your insurance adjuster and insurance carrier in order to get you a fair MAXIMUM settlement.

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