Filing a home insurance claim today can be tricky and fraught with stress, especially when you have little or no experience in dealing with insurance companies. For these reasons alone, you should seek out a trusted public adjuster in Delray Beach like Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters who can help you navigate the murky insurance claim waters and strike the best deal possible for you in the shortest amount of time.  Studies show that without your own public adjuster working diligently on your claim, your insurance company will take advantage of you and give you an unfair settlement. After all, they are in business for themselves and it stands to reason that they will want to pay you as little as possible if they can get away with. At Cohen & Associates, we have a reputation for excellence and that means getting you the maximum settlement possible. When one of our clients was originally offered $1,750 from their insurance company for a leaky roof, our adjusters were able to negotiate a settlement for $32,000! Having an experienced public adjuster on your side can make all the difference.

What is a Supplemental Insurance Claim?

Perhaps you’ve already received a lump sum of money from your insurance company that you thought was enough at the time, but later realized that you needed more money to complete the repair or replace the damaged property in Delray Beach? Did you know that you can re-open the case and file something called a supplemental claim if you believe you were underpaid for your initial claim? If you are within 5 years of refilling, call Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters to reopen your claim!  Our experienced public adjusters know how the insurance process works and will navigate through the complicated paperwork and dizzying legal language for you.

Why Call an Experienced Public Adjuster Today for Your Property Claim in Delray Beach?

Our professional team of adjusters can help you! We offer a free insurance claim analysis and policy review before we take any action. This way, we can give you an estimation of what the insurance company is entitled to giving you. By calculating and looking over all the previous documents, damages, receipts, losses, and more we will have all the information needed to submit a supplemental claim to your insurance company.

At Cohen Public Adjusters, the in-depth knowledge our professional insurance adjusters to process claims in Delray Beach and throughout South Florida is unparalleled, which is why time-after-time we are able to get our clients the maximum settlement for their insurance claim. Don’t let your insurance company try to cheat you out of the money you deserve, call Cohen & Associated Public Adjusters to help you with your Delray Beach property claim, whether residential or business at (561) 287-6926 or (800) 45-Claim. Ask about our free claim assessment today!

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