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In South Florida, we are certainly no strangers to mold and mildew. With our humidity skyrocketing most times of the year, it’s no wonder it grows so easily here. Mold can be a huge issue. Although it may take some time for it to make itself recognizable, the damage it can do is significant. Not only is it rough on a structure’s surfaces, but it also is extremely unhealthy for those in proximity to breathe. At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we’ve had over 15 years of experience, and we know how complicated these claims can be. Insurance companies are tricky, but even more confusing when mold is the bases of the claim.

Why Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?

That’s why hiring a mold damage public adjuster can help save you infinite amounts of time and stress. Many insurance companies will not follow through with a mold claim. Homeowner policies generally mean that the destruction to one’s home must be instant, such as a hurricane, leaking pipe, or wind damage to a roof. However, mold comes from somewhere, and having a public adjuster help find out what that cause is may just bring better luck. Usually mold is found in areas such as a bathroom, basement, or kitchen. If a case can be made that the mold came as a consequence to the actual issue, a water damage claim may be filed, which will then allow you to get the financial aid you need to assist in repairs.

Insurance companies can be extremely finicky. Hiring a public adjuster can really make the interaction fairer, as insurance companies know that they are usually complex to understand, and that’s just the way they like it. When individuals try to file their own claims, it might be easy to miss certain details or even answer something wrong. This could lead to receiving less than the maximum amount your policy says that you are entitled to. By using a mold damage public adjuster, you have a better chance at getting the payment you deserve.

At Cohen & Associates, we know that life is expensive, and knowing that your insurance company has you covered, should anything go wrong, gives peace of mind. Unfortunately, we know that experience is not always as peaceful as we’d like. If you’re suffering from mold and mildew, call our mold damage public adjusters to take a look at your problem. With a highly skilled team, we pride ourselves on working with our clients, giving them the support and dedication they need.

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