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New, Underpaid or Denied Claim? We Can Help!

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Water Heater Claim

Water Heater Damage Claim Public Adjuster

If your water heater leaks or ruptures and causes serious water damages in your home or business, you have every right to notify your homeowner’s insurance company. One of the most common reasons for a water heater to leak is a loose drain valve. The drain valve will slowly leak water if it becomes loose and this can cause an unexpected water damage in your home. Depending upon the policies of your homeowner’s insurance provider, most water heater leaks, supply line leaks, broken pipe leaks, appliance overflow leaks are usually covered by your insurance carrier. However, many insurance companies may pay for the damages caused from the leaking water heater not the actual cause of the damage, which might be your water heater. With any water damage claim it is always the responsibility of the property owner to stop the cause of the leak, even if its a temporary fix. Call Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters and we will provide insurance claim help. We will always guide you in taking the right steps and take the burden off your hands by handling your claim exactly from the date of the loss.

Is My Water Heater Leaking?

Some Tips to look for if your water heater might be leaking:

  • Water doesn’t get as hot as it used to.
  • There’s rust in water coming from your faucets or on your clothes.
  • Your hot water heater makes cracking and popping sounds when it’s heating.
  • There’s a metallic taste in your hot water.
  • Rust is forming on the outside bottom of your water heater.
  • A puddle is forming under your hot water heater.
  • The burner units have become clogged or rusty.
  • If you are experiencing any of the above it is always a good idea to contact your local plumber.
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