Has your house sustained damage? Do you need a little more clarity before submitting your insurance claim? A public insurance adjuster can help you maximize the payout of your insurance claim for any damage suffered by your home. Public insurance adjusters are skilled in handling the complex intricacies of claim procurement.

Here are just a few advantages of hiring a public insurance adjuster:

1. Helps You Understand Your Policy

Insurance policies can be difficult to interpret if you do not have any experience with them. A public insurance adjuster can help you interpret the technical language of an insurance policy, and make clear what your options are for issuing a claim. Public adjusters will provide these services for a small contingency fee.

2. Saves You Time

An independent adjuster will organize and manage your claim for your, whether it’s for a fire, wind or hurricane damage, flood, smoke, or other damage. The adjuster will be able to oversee the process so that you can focus on your daily life.

3. Resolves Your Claim Faster

Public insurance adjusters can quickly process the paperwork associated with complex insurance claims. This can expedite what can otherwise be a long, onerous process.

4. Protect Your Rights as a Policyholder

Public insurance adjusters work for your interests, not some large corporation. Since they have no relationship with an insurance company, the only time they correspond with them is when they are helping you file a claim. Your public adjuster will handle all necessary meetings, correspondence, and documentation as it relates to your case. And they are no stranger to aggressive approaches to get you the best settlement.

5. Ensures Fair Value for Your Claim

The Office of Program and Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPAGGA) conducted a study in the state of Florida, which showed that public adjusters negotiate up to a 747% larger settlement (before removing the contingency payment) from insurance companies for commercial business and homeowner insurance property loss claims. This shows how important it is for homeowners to consult with a public insurance adjuster, as they can help them receive as much as possible from their insurance claim.

Learn More About Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster

Are you in need of a public insurance adjuster? At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we can help you, as a homeowner, obtain a fair settlement for damages. In fact, we understand that insurance claims could be stressful and we strive to remove that stress from our valued clients. Indeed, contact us today and let us help you file an insurance claim and secure the proper settlement you deserve.