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It’s Hurricane Season and people living in South Florida are shaken after last year’s visit from Hurricane Irma made its way to Florida. While Floridians are wary of this year’s hurricane season, they’re even more concerned about their insurance coverage. Hurricane Irma left many residents aware that their insurance coverage wasn’t what they thought. Hurricanes can bring confusing terms from insurance companies. Thankfully, hiring an insurance claim public adjuster can make this process easier.   


How an Insurance Claim Public Adjuster Can Help Make the Most Out of a Hurricane  


Homeowners insurance is necessary, especially in Florida. The state is home to many natural disasters, and though the chances of devastating storms are low, they are still a possibility. Winds can damage roofing, down trees, break windows, and more. Where policyholders tend to see the most frustration is when their home endures flooding.   

Insurance companies are reluctant to give homeowners compensation for flooding damage, as flood insurance is another policy on its own. However, there are circumstances such as losing a roof that would naturally cause some standing water. People can be left paying thousands of dollars of damage. Unfortunately, many of these individuals were relying on their homeowner’s policy, yet few, especially during storms, get the compensation they need.   

Homeowners insurance covers fires, winds, hail, explosions, vehicles, smoke, vandalism, theft, falling objects, and more. It does not cover earthquakes, floods, landslides, neglect, and power failures.  Understanding your policy before hurricane season can give policyholders a better understanding of what is included and what is not.   

Luckily, an insurance claim public adjuster from Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters can help ease this confusing time. In fact, hiring a professional is in a homeowners or business owner’s best interest, as adjusters have the knowledge and understanding it takes to even out the playing field. Insurance companies are often overwhelmed during hurricanes and lack the manpower to handle each case with care. However, with an expert, your claim is more likely to be taken seriously, and compensation rates are bound to be higher. If you’re looking for an excellent public adjuster for this year’s storm season, contact 786-629-5741 today. Don’t let your insurance company give you less than you rightfully deserve!  

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