Insurance Adjuster Fort LauderdaleYour insurance company has experts, and so should you! When you’re facing significant property damage, your first reaction may be to reach out to your insurance providers. Naturally, that’s what insurance is there for. You call, and they give you the money, correct? Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as simple as it should be. Insurance companies, like you, are looking to save money. They give their clients extensive paperwork with confusing words, and they make the negotiation process a hassle. What you really need is Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters to make your property damage experience more manageable, and more successful. A professional Miami insurance adjuster will give you the tools you need to succeed financially.

What Can a Quality Miami Insurance Adjuster Help Me With?

When it comes to property damage, it’s not a single devastation that can take your home. For example, if you’re suffering from water damage, you may need to file for mold damage as well. Mold can be costly to remediate and repair. Therefore, you’re going to need an experienced professional to aid you in getting your maximum settlement amount. Other claims Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters can assist with are fire damage claims, smoke damage claims, flood damage claims, hurricane claims, and so much more.  

Many things make Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters excellent allies. First and foremost, we offer a free assessment. That means no hidden fees and no scams! We assess your property and give you an honest evaluation of the damage you’re looking at. We also work 24 hours a day, seven days a week! This means that we’re available whenever you need us, no matter the hours and regardless of the day. One of the most important parts about our company is that we don’t get paid until you do. We’ll fight vigorously to obtain your maximum settlement and get you the compensation you deserve. 

If you’re ready for assistance, personalized attention and a company that can give you an upper hand, call Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters today. We won’t give up on your maximum settlement and neither should you. If your insurance company has help, why shouldn’t you? Whatever your property damage, know that you have a Miami insurance adjuster you can rely on. Call us today at 800-45-CLAIM or (786) 877-1876 and get started today!

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