If you see mold growing in your home especially after you’ve suffered water damage from a burst pipe or storm, don’t panic, but do call on an expert claims adjuster who specializes in mold claims before you call your insurance company. The reason why? Mold claims are tricky and some policies even have a separate mold clause because insurance policies don’t automatically cover mold. But most likely your policy does cover water damage that caused the mold. If you are stressed about having to deal with the insurance company to get the amount of compensation you need for your mold remediation and repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to a leading mold damage public adjuster in South Florida like Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters. We have many years of experience handling every type of insurance claim from fire and water to mold and wind damage, hurricane damage, theft, and vandalism plus more. 

What services does a public insurance adjuster in Boca Raton offer? 

When you hire Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, you are hiring an experienced team with mold damage public adjusters in South Florida, who not only know how to handle your claim but can make the process much easier and hopefully stress-free for you. Rest assured, we handle everything from start to finish. And will even reopen your claim if you were originally denied by your insurance company. Here are some of the things we will do to make sure you get compensated fairly for your mold claim: 

  • Contact the insurance company on your behalf and negotiate the claim 
  • Document everything and take extensive photos of the damages 
  • Help to get estimates from mold remediation companies 
  • Represent you in court if it comes to that (most times cases can be settled)
  • Secure the maximum settlement amount so you have more than enough money to pay for the damages to your home from water and mold. 

At Cohen & Associates Public Adjusters, we specialize in all types of claims, especially mold. We are considered a leading mold damage public adjuster in South Florida. We know how difficult it can be to know who to call, where to go, and how to proceed. It’s an overwhelming process, to say the least. That’s why we consider ourselves experts in this field and why we work hard to fight for your rights. We can ease the financial burdens that you and your family might face when the unpredictable catastrophes of life happen. With our years of experience and a reputable name you can trust, Cohen & Associates Claims Adjusters offers you more than a glimmer of hope when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Call us today at (954) 884-8789 Or (800) 45-CLAIM for a no-obligation, free consultation. 

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