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New, Underpaid or Denied Claim? We Can Help!

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The Right to Repair Program… Taking the Homeowners Right to Choose


Read the Fine Print – Does Your Homeowners Insurance have a Right to Repair Clause?

Many insurance companies in the state of Florida have been adapting the endorsement of the right to repair program and making this the only product to sell to homeowners.

These endorsements to your policy forces you, the homeowner, to participate in their “Right to Repair Program”.

“Sound Great!” But what kind of policy are you really purchasing?
What this means is if you have suffered any type of property damage to your home or business such as a water damage, fire damage, mold damage, hurricane / wind damage or etc. and you open a claim with your insurance company, you are forced into their “Right to Repair Program”.
So, instead of you receiving a fair settlement for what you are entitled to for your damages and having the choice of who YOU want to repair your home, the insurance company is forcing you, the homeowner, to have your repairs done by the insurance companies’ contractors and perform the repairs the way your insurance company sees fit, also making you pay your deductible to their contractor.

In other words your insurance company will be taking your right to chose who, what and how will be repaired to your property. Turning your insurance company into a repair company.

Property owners beware of what you are purchasing and know the facts.

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